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‘Reposts’ are posts of yester- day/week/year which shall be posted again, Insha Allah once a week and can be found in the ‘Reposts’ category. Original post date: April 29, 2007. The following has been excerpted from Allah Ke Raaste Mein Nikalnay Walon Ki Hairat-Angaiz Kar-Guzariyan by Mawlana Tariq Jamil and is translated into English by […]

Source: at-Talib Advice of Shaykh Yusuf Kandhlawi (Rahmatullah ‘Alaihi) [1917-1974]: “Allah’s help continues to come to the aid of individuals, but the fact that Allah’s help does not come to the nations (collective help) is due to the fact that the individuals of the nations do not perform righteous deeds as a whole. This means that […]

Al-Hamdulillah, all Praise is for Allah, who gave us the tawfiq [ability] to complete the amended version of The Six Points of Tabligh. The updated version is now available for downloading on Ekhlas’s Tabligh page. Visitors may also download the new version here. Previous posts regarding The Six Points of Tabligh have also been updated, […]

  I would like to inform all of those visitors who had read, downloaded or saved the short treatise entitled The Six Points of Tabligh, that after proof-reading it again, I saw some errors, especially with regards to punctuation marks when quoting the Qur’an. Therefore al-Hamdulillah, an amended version of The Six Points of Tabligh […]

Source: at-Talib In an important speech addressed to leaders and scholars, the great da’ee and mufakkir Mawlana Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhalwi (may Allah have mercy on him) imparted the following valuable instructions regarding the effort of da’wah. The advices articulated in his speech, while aimed specifically at the propagator of Islam, apply generally to those involved […]

Drawing inspiration from Sidi Hamza Isa Jennings’ [of Muhabbat ul Deen fame] insightful suggestions: … I thought that it would be very interesting if you would consider collecting information about how successful the work of Tabligh has had in the world. It would great to read about the impact the work has had on individuals, […]

Some amendments have been made to the text and corresponding PDF of The Six Points of Tabligh, I would request all those who have downloaded [the earlier version] to delete it and to download the amended one either by clicking the appropriate link on the Tabligh page or by simply clicking on the image below: […]

 كُنتُمۡ خَيۡرَ أُمَّةٍ أُخۡرِجَتۡ لِلنَّاسِ تَأۡمُرُونَ بِٱلۡمَعۡرُوفِ وَتَنۡهَوۡنَ عَنِ ٱلۡمُنڪَرِ وَتُؤۡمِنُونَ بِٱللَّهِ‌ۗ [Ye are the best people that hath been brought forth (as a pattern) for mankind. Ye enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency; and ye believe in Allah.] (Qur’an, 3:110) The following excerpt is from The Six Points of Tabligh, a short work I recently […]



Aap Beti, Ahmed’s World of Islam, An-Noor, at-Talib and the brilliant Spiritual Tendencies have all been added to the Blogroll here at Ekhlas. Also, Darul Uloom Deoband’s new Darul Ifta has been added to the Fiqh Q&A section. I will, InshAllah, post a short treatise entitled The Six Points of Tabligh, on the new page […]