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This is one of the most beautiful poetic descriptions of the Day of Reckoning by the gifted Sidi Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore (May Allah preserve him): Source: Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore Poetry THEY CAME DOWN FROM THE HIGH AND LOW PLACES,they threaded themselves alongthrough the intricate threadings,the ancient ones and the new ones,all the famous were among […]

Original post date: January 14, 2007 About a month ago, feeling spiritually lonesome, I made MS Word my companion. Attempting to keep pace with my thoughts, I began typing. After what is usually the result of intermittent penning, I had a hodgepodge of words, lacking any structure. Anyhow, I clicked ‘Save’, and forgot about it. […]

Repost: Vistas


Vistas opening across the world: Some hearts attacked mildly. Noose-ropes cut just in time. Not performing, a hundred pills, so kindly. Sitting on the right side of a car, whose left crushed under a truck. The downward gliding plane’s engine, suddenly regaining power, Those aboard saying their last prayers. Discovering cancer was misdiagnosed. Near-Death Experiences […]

‘Reposts’ are posts of yester- day/week/year which shall be posted again, Insha Allah once a week and can be found in the ‘Reposts’ category. Original post date: March 9, 2007. I can recall, even after years, hearing Shaykh Hamza Yusuf reciting in one of his speeches, this beautiful poem of Rumi’s. Definitely being one of […]

As I thought of what I wanted to say to introduce this poem by D. A. H. Moore [taken from the unpublished ‘Cooked Oranges’], I realized that the inherently mundane nature of our temporal existence, had once again delayed the expansion of my soul; this must take place after a contraction in our ever-vascillating realm. […]

O God


  O God: the Urdu hamd, Ae Khuda translated by Bilal Malik:   O God  O God, O God, Whoever has endeavored, By him, You have been discovered. Everyone’s guide You are.   This earth, this heaven, Farther than these even. However many worlds there are, All contain a flash of You.   O God, O […]

Discourse 13 [Discourses of Rumi] Excerpted from Discourses of Rumi or Fihi ma Fihi: Mohammed صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “The night is long, do not shorten it with your sleep. The day is bright, do not darken it with your sins.” The night is long for you to voice your inmost secrets and ask […]



Ant–like by Bilal Malik I feel ant-like. Hauling pieces Of gulab jamun Up the hill. Climbing, Reaching, Losing strength, Falling. My Sweet-craving’s Nothing short of great. It’s my climbing skills That need work.



I was recently listening to a bayan of Maulana Tariq Jamil and in it he mentioned the following couplet: “har tamanna dil se rukhsat ho gayi ab to aaja ab to khalwat ho gayi” This couplet, for me, has always been the poetic summation of ekhlas. Maybe I’ll put it up on my custom header some day 🙂

I have come


The following is a general translation of one of Mufti Taqi Usmani’s poems. I was only able to render into English a few couplets. As you can see it’s basically in prose form [def: ordinary speech or writing, without metrical structure]: At Your doorstep, O Lord As a beggar I have come Manifest poverty I […]