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Source: Seeker’s Digest Shaykh Faraz Rabbani writes: “May Allah increase Ustadh Khalid Latif in all good, and make him a lasting, radiant light of guidance, clarity, and good.” Aameen! Advertisements

Source: Zaytuna Institute & Academy On the news Everybody’s dog food Bang bang Shock dead Everybody’s gone mad… From “They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson As a little boy, Michael Jackson had an extraordinary charisma — as well as an absolute innocence — that was disarmingly charming. It captivated millions of Americans and eventually […]

Source: New Islamic Directions Like the light of a meteor streaking across the crisp, cold, clear sky of a winter’s night, Michael Jackson, streaked across the sky defining this country’s cultural horizons. None of us coming of age in urban America will forget Michael’s debut onto the public stage with his brothers as part of […]

Bismillah. Hereunder is a copy of the letter that I have emailed to the Il Messaggero Newspaper: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 Dear Foreign Editorial Unit, Il Messaggero, Ref: “Terrorismo, Al Qaeda apre un sito in italiano” The abovementioned article which was published on April 14, 2008 on the Il Messaggero website at the link […]

Coming Soon, Insha’llah! Lives of the Sahaba is a new weblog designed to translate the brilliant three-volume work Hayat-us-Sahaba by Mawlana Yusuf Kandhlawi (may Allah have mercy on him). This translation Insha’llah, will be done in a piecemeal fashion, sequentially posting hopefully medium to large-sized parts of the book, at regular intervals. The English translation […]

  I would like to inform all of those visitors who had read, downloaded or saved the short treatise entitled The Six Points of Tabligh, that after proof-reading it again, I saw some errors, especially with regards to punctuation marks when quoting the Qur’an. Therefore al-Hamdulillah, an amended version of The Six Points of Tabligh […]

The first global, comprehensive, and multi-lingual Islamic Community Portal, strives to unify more than 100 million online Muslims around the world.  About IslamCrunch‘s ‘Muslim Bloggers Alliance’:  There are a lot of Muslim bloggers in the blogosphere. A lot of quality content is posted but are we reaching the audience we would like? There are more readers than there are […]

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I just wanted to inform all the visitors of Ekhlas that I will be visiting Karachi and since I doubt having an internet connection there, I will not be posting for the next one week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us here at Ekhlas, may Allah reward […]

I just came across Zaytuna Institute’s new VideoCast #5 entitled The Dangers of Heedlessness by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. May we continue to benefit from our beloved Shaykh, Aameen. Right-click, and in Firefox click “Save Link As” and in Explorer or Opera click “Save Target As” to save The Dangers of Heedlessness on your computers.

Masha’llah Imam Tahir Anwar has launched his new beautifully designed website offering – among other material – a collection of his Qur’an recitations and lectures. About the Imam:  Tahir Anwar is a Deobandi Hanafi Sunni ‘Aalim and Imam currently residing in San Jose, California. While going to school, where he performed outstandingly, he completed the initial studies of the Qur’an and the Arabic language under his […]