Clandestinoweb Website Also Falsely Accuses



I would like to inform everyone who had been following this whole event that unfortunately another website called Clandestinoweb has once again falsely accused

The page can be found here

I have also sent them a similar letter to the one I sent the Il Messaggero newspaper and

I request everyone again to continue their generous support and to remember me in your prayers.


Bilal Malik


3 Responses to “Clandestinoweb Website Also Falsely Accuses”

  1. 1 Asif

    Assalaamu Alaikum brother. I can’t believe how people are still accusing your blog without even checking out the contents of the blog. It is shameful to see such irresponsible reporting. May Allah help you through this.

  2. 2 whatever

    Well, I am not arab nor muslim either, I’m italian and I can see that journalists are ntohing else that a bunch of amateur whose bonafidis is highly questionable.
    Look at this title: “E il sito internet di Al Qaeda lancia la sezione in italiano”
    Since when terrorist groups do advertise themselves, opening new website as corporates would do? Luckly not everybody is so silly to believe this crap.
    I think it is very convenient for italian journalists to divert public opinion attention from the real problems (and real responsibilities of such problems) of the country, which has terminal institutions and sinking economy.

  3. 3 cecilia

    I work for Index on Censorship (please google it if you dont know it) and I am interested in the whole misunderstanding created by Italian media and how their information is superficial and rather mis-information.
    I would like to write you a personal email so we can talk about a possible contribution to an article from you.
    Please contact me

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