Repost: You Too Are Lovesick!


Original post date: January 14, 2007

About a month ago, feeling spiritually lonesome, I made MS Word my companion. Attempting to keep pace with my thoughts, I began typing. After what is usually the result of intermittent penning, I had a hodgepodge of words, lacking any structure. Anyhow, I clicked ‘Save’, and forgot about it. Only after accidentally rediscovering it in my hard drive, did I begin editing. Once proof-read, I decided it to post it as a dedication to all my fellow Lovesick Deenport members [DPers].

You Too Are Lovesick

by Bilal Malik

Where have I come,
So distanced from the Origin?
Obsessed with the trunk,
Pulling at the branches,
Attempting growth.

Those moments gold,
When Roots spoke.
Tears gush,
Whence reminded
Of that voice:

“Nourish Us,
The Roots,
For We are your link
To the Source,
The Expander.”

Will someone come to aid?
Ah! You would’ve arrived by now,
Had you found my Beloved.
He would’ve told you to.
You don’t know where He lives.
I can tell, you too are Lovesick!


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