Repost: Vistas


In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

Vistas opening across the world:
Some hearts attacked mildly.
Noose-ropes cut just in time.
Not performing, a hundred pills, so kindly.
Sitting on the right side of a car, whose left crushed under a truck.
The downward gliding plane’s engine, suddenly regaining power,
Those aboard saying their last prayers.
Discovering cancer was misdiagnosed.
Near-Death Experiences they call them, a name apt for those prepared for death.
But for those choosing heedlessness, NDEs I’d still call them, but the acronym,
Would stand changed: Near–Doom Experience.
Prepare for death, we all must, for it’s closer to us than the strap of our sandals.
I once heard from a pious man, “Learn from the mistakes of others”.
Before death takes you unprepared, step into the ever opening vista called life,
Don’t look back, keep going…


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