Website Also Falsely Accuses



I would like to inform everyone who has been following this whole event that unfortunately another website called has mistakenly linked to

The page can be found here

I have also sent them a similar letter to the one I sent the Il Messaggero newspaper [a copy of which was posted on earlier].

I request everyone again to continue their generous support and to remember me in your prayers.


Bilal Malik


2 Responses to “ Website Also Falsely Accuses”

  1. 1 Nebo

    Dear Bilal,

    you may be interested in learning that other websites have taken this news for “true” and published it.
    Il Corriere Della Sera:

    Il Tempo:

    They claim the website is maintained by someone called “Nahir al Murtadin”.
    According to those articles, the source of this news is a guy called “Hamza Boccolini” from the news agency “Aki” (Adnkronos International ).

  2. 2 Nebo

    UPDATE: I managed to contact Mr. Boccolini. H’es actually the source of the news, but he never indicated your blog. The website he mentioned only shares the name with your blog. No address was specified in the original news, since – according to Mr. Boccolini – the website is continuously shut down and reopened under news addresses, thus hardly available through a simple Google research.

    Il Messaggero and Panorama probably put “Ekhlas” into Google and believed to have found the Al Qaeda website.

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