Copy of Email to Il Messaggero Newspaper



Hereunder is a copy of the letter that I have emailed to the Il Messaggero Newspaper:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear Foreign Editorial Unit, Il Messaggero,

Ref: “Terrorismo, Al Qaeda apre un sito in italiano”

The abovementioned article which was published on April 14, 2008 on the Il Messaggero website at the link given above, mentions in the opening paragraph:

“ROMA (14 aprile) – Al-Qaeda apre un sito in lingua italiana. I suoi proseliti via Web stanno dedicando uno dei loro forum nella nostra lingua, ed è uno dei forum qaedisti più noti e frequentati, “Ekhlas”. Finora interamente in lingua araba, il forum è stato scelto dagli internauti dopo la chiusura da parte della polizia postale, il 22 febbraio scorso, del blog dell’Imam di Carmagnola, Abdul Qadir Fadlallah Mamour, e della moglie Barbara Farina.”

English Translation from Google:

“ROME (April 14) – Al-Qaeda opening a site in English. Its Web proselytes are dedicating one of their forum in our language, and is a forum qaedisti known and most popular, “Ekhlas. So far, entirely in Arabic, the forum was chosen by Internet users after the closure by the police post, on February 22 last blog dell’Imam Carmagnola, Abdul Qadir Fadlallah Mamour, and wife Barbara Farina.”

At the 3rd line above, the words “Internet users” are linked to my personal blog []

I was shocked, dismayed, and appalled at the fact that was a link provided in the said article.

I immediately wrote a response to the article as a comment on your website, after which, the link mentioned above was removed.

This is a show of utterly unscrupulous and careless “journalism” in which I have been accused because of the lack of care of the writers to get the proper information of who they are talking about. or any of its pages or any of its contents, or any of its authors have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization, individual, or activity.

There has been a huge mistake on your part in linking to my blog which just happens to share its name with the site you were talking about in your article.

1. I demand that a signed apology from your website be emailed to me immediately so that I may post that on my weblog.

2. In addition to the above, I also demand that an apology be printed in both the paper and online versions of Il Messaggero immediately.

If these demands are not met, I will be forced to take legal action.

Awaiting your response,

Bilal Malik


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