False Accusation Hurled at ekhlas.wordpress.com by Italian Newspaper ‘Il Messaggero’!!!



After seeing a sudden spike/increase in ekhlas’s visitors in the ‘Blog Stats’ section of WordPress Dashboard, I decided to take a look at where these visitors were coming from in the ‘Referrers’ section of the Dashboard.


The above link was the most occurring Referrer.

When I went to this link it opened up to what looked like an Italian newspaper’s website. I immediately translated the Italian page into English via Google’s Translate option.

I was shocked, dismayed, and appauled at the fact that ekhlas.wordpress.com/blog was a link provided in the article entitled: “Terrorismo, Al Qaeda apre un sito in italiano” which translates to “Terrorism, Al Qaeda opens a site in Italian”.

The articles mentions in the opening paragraph:

“ROMA (14 aprile) – Al-Qaeda apre un sito in lingua italiana. I suoi proseliti via Web stanno dedicando uno dei loro forum nella nostra lingua, ed è uno dei forum qaedisti più noti e frequentati, “Ekhlas”. Finora interamente in lingua araba, il forum è stato scelto dagli internauti dopo la chiusura da parte della polizia postale, il 22 febbraio scorso, del blog dell’Imam di Carmagnola, Abdul Qadir Fadlallah Mamour, e della moglie Barbara Farina.”


“ROME (April 14) – Al-Qaeda opening a site in English. Its Web proselytes are dedicating one of their forum in our language, and is a forum qaedisti known and most popular, “Ekhlas. So far, entirely in Arabic, the forum was chosen by Internet users after the closure by the police post, on February 22 last blog dell’Imam Carmagnola, Abdul Qadir Fadlallah Mamour, and wife Barbara Farina.”

At the 3rd line above, the words “Internet users” are linked to this blog [ekhlas.wordpress.com]!!!

Ekhlas.wordpress.com or any of its pages or any of its contents, or any of its authors have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization or individual.

I would request all the people who know me personally, or through the internet, or those who have visited this blog and know about its contents, to comment to this post as much as possible and to negate this horried and false accusation hurled at my weblog.

I would also like to appeal to any Muslim or sane human being who can help me to to contact the ‘Il Messanggero’ newspaper’s website so I may be able to clear this mistake and get a written apology and acknowledgement of this blunder in writing from the newspaper.

I again ask all those who know me to contact me at bilal.ekhlas@gmail.com to discuss this matter further as I need your help, and mashwara [cousel].

Your Brother,

Bilal Malik

Hereunder is a copy of the comment I wrote in response to the article, this is only a comment and I personally need to contact the newpaper:

After seeing a huge spike in my blogs number of visitors for April 14, 2008, I wanted to see why so many people were coming to my blog. I followed the link that wordpress.com provided me with, and I ended up at this italian newspapers website. In the above article it says:

“”Ekhlas”. Finora interamente in lingua araba, il forum è stato scelto dagli internauti dopo la chiusura da parte della polizia postale, il 22 febbraio scorso, del blog dell’Imam di Carmagnola, Abdul Qadir Fadlallah Mamour, e della moglie Barbara Farina.”

and where it says “internauti” it is linked to my personal weblog that has nothing to do with Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization. This is a show of extremely unscrupulous and careless “journalism” in which I have been accused because of the carelessness of the writers to get the proper information of who they are talking about.


My weblog [ekhlas.wordpress.com] has nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization or individual. I am going to write a response to this on my weblog to hopefully clear things up. I demand that those responsible for this horrid mistake contact me via email ASAP!

This needs to be resovled, and unless an article is published in which these mistakes are recognized, accepted, and solved IN PRINT, I will not back down from legal litigation.

Bilal Malik


13 Responses to “False Accusation Hurled at ekhlas.wordpress.com by Italian Newspaper ‘Il Messaggero’!!!”

  1. 1 Abd Allah

    Salaam akhi Bilal,
    In light of the above post I make du’a that Allah (swt) eases any difficulty experienced through all of this. I seriously cannot believe the allegations they have levelled towards this blog. There is common sense (by reading the material on this blog) and then there is plain stupidity (by licking your finger and sticking it up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing). Insha’Allah, when they realise the mistake that they have made – they will apologise.

    I wanted to divert your attention to something else at this stage. Hopefully look at all of this from a different and posotive perspective. With all hardship comes great ease. No doubt you will be getting a large number of hits on your blog by many non-muslims because of this. What is the likely-hood of having an eye-catching banner with a link, or even a set of eye-catching links towards some very positive dawah material? Why not get these non-muslims to read about real Islam and who the best of creation (salAllahu alay wasallam) was all about, rather than what they see in the negative media everyday?

    I just thought its worth a mention thats all.


  2. 2 asma arif

    Asalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah (Peace and His Mercy be with you) dear brother,

    It’s shocking that this has occured. May Allah protect you from such false accusations and provide you satr from His Satr in this world and the next. Allahumma Ameen.

    The posts that I have read have never made me feel that you’re against nonMuslims or part of some strange operation to defy Allah’s beautiful rules of living in harmony with others. And I for one will back you up in saying that this site is not associated to those who want to spread havoc in the world.

    Allah is Merciful and so out of wanting His Rahma (Mercy) we hope to spread goodness to others whether they be Muslim or nonMuslim. I would urge any reader of the “Il Messagero” paper to not believe in what has been said about this site but instead read the Brothers posts and see for yourself the beautiful respect that he’s showing all of Mankind.

    In our duas (prayers).
    Wasalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah

  3. 3 Nebo

    Hello! I’m Italian, and I must confirm that journalism in my country is not very well done.
    Italian journalists don’t always check the source of a news, they usually copy/paste news they find around or heard of.

    To your information, not only “Il Messaggero” reported the news. Check out this other website: http://www.tgcom.mediaset.it/cronaca/articoli/articolo409268.shtml
    They don’t link your blog but they speak about “an online forum” called “Ekhlas”.
    They claim they have read the “italian section”, where they have found few people “writing poor italian”. WHich sounds strange to me….why should muslim immigrants in Italy talk with each other in italian, when arab or french are more common languages? Anyway….either they are blatantly lying, or they have read another website (but they don’t link it).

    Your website is the first one coming up on Google, if you search for “Ekhlas”. Here’s what I suppose happened:
    1) Someone got an unclear news about an islamic website in italian.
    2) The word spread among journalists, who did very little research…..the word Ekhlas somehow came up, and peopel from Il Messaggero put it into Google. Your site popped out and they copy/paste the link… :-((((

    I apologize on behalf of Italians…

  4. AsSalamu `alaykum wa RahmatuLlahi wa BarakatuHu.

    Dear brother, I’m italian and as soon as I read your post, I visited the page of “Il Messaggero” which you linked: now it has been deleted, I think.

    The news is spreaded also by many others newspapers, but it retails to a forum in italian language, called “Ekhlas”, and no one links to you, alhamduliLlah.
    The problem is evidently that maybe the “journalist” of “Il Messaggero” searched for “Ekhlas” and found your website, thinking that the news retailed to it.

    I hope that with their deletion now is all solved, however, I’m at your disposal if you need to contact or translate something, being italian my mother-language: you have my mail

    May Allah increase our Iman and grant us all al-Jannah.

    ‘umar andrea

  5. 5 Abdul Rahiim Halim

    I just found this from brother Tazkiya in SF.

    As such, this is the 1st time here, but as soon as i see the tabs Tabligh and Taqlid and even from a glance into those tabs see the positivity there, its obvious to anyone who isnt blind compounded by the disease of lying; that you’re not a terrorist supporter.

    After all, i haven’t seen anything of your support for the terrorism against the innocent civilian Muslims all over the world. You’re obviously not a terrorist supporter walhamduliLLAH.


  6. 6 Fab

    Ciao you can also find the same new on the FRONTPAGE of one of the biggest press agency in Italy.
    here is the link:

    and here is the detail:

    you can send them to the court.


  7. 7 Asif

    Assalaamu Alaikum brother. I’m shocked and amazed at the amateur journalism of the Italian newspaper. Looks like they’ve linked up your blog just because it shows up on google search when searched for Ekhlas, without even checking out the content themselves. That is absolutely ridiculous. I think you should send emails to various Italian media on the net refuting this report and invite them to read the posts on your blog themselves, so that they can understand how baseless it is to provide the link of this blog as a supporter of terrorism. I don’t know what else to say. But you should never worry too much about this issue, because Allah is always with the truthful, and the truth and only the truth prevails. And I hope Inshallah, that this seemingly negative event will actually turn out to be positive for you, all it takes is Sabr and Prayer to Allah. May Allah help you in this cause. Ameen.

  8. 8 Another Italian

    The news is now on the major Italian newspaper website “Corriere della Sera” at:


    It will probably get to their printed version tomorrow.

  9. Bismillah
    Dear Brother,
    I am an Italian sister and I was truly shocked reading your article…all our fears are coming true! You have to know that in Italy things became very bad for muslims…people are ignorant and they can do nothing but take out their fears on us. Just think that being a convert, I sometimes face strange comments wearing a hijab! I cheked that pace and it must have been withdrown cos I can’t see it. Ikhlas is a very common sunstantive cos it’s so meaningful in Islam so i guess they got confused with someone else. You have all my support and the support of all italian muslims and we will help you to solve this matter, even though you have to know that diffamation against Islam is an everyday matter here and some of us founded an Islamic Anti-Deffamation League that is, of course, considered close to Hamas lol

    May Allah find you well and protect you and us all,
    your sister Maryam

  10. salams

    don’t worry bro!, these Italian journo’s are such amatures and nobody takes them seriously. You are fulfilling a great sunnah of being targeted by the ignorant.

    Have sabr. Your blog is a blog is a bit hit with us bro!

  11. 11 Sajjad Sher

    My Younger Brother Bilal,

    Assalam au Alaekum,

    I am very disappointed to know that some Italian Newspaper has put on coaxing allegation on your blog “Ekhlas”. Web blog “Ekhlas” is a modest work for those who is modest & wants to maintain the true modesty. As for me, I am a regular visitor of this blog & seek lessons of modesty from this source.

    As for this irresponsible & non- substance allegation, I feel nothing but pity for those who are responsible for it.
    I think that they do not know the meaning of term “Ekhlas” & its contents. It can only be understood to those whose Nafs is not evil and whose spirit is pure.

    Almighty Allah has said In Holy Quran :

    Wa Nafsivn wama sawwaa ha (7) Falhamaha Fujuraha wa taqwaa ha (8)Qad AFlaha mun zakkaa ha (9) Wa qad khaba mun dassaa ha

    Translation : “Swear be upon the Nafs e Insaani (Human Nafs) who has created them right in their places. Allah has attributed to mankind the power of choice between Khair (peace /noble) & Shar (evil) and that the one who opt for “Khair” (Peace or noble) will be successful in the worldand the hereafter & the one who keeps filth in his or her “Nafs” will always remain as loser.”

    Human writes what he has in his heart & mind but Holy Quran has told this rule to mankind (who seek) that the one who opt for Khair (Peace / Virtue), will be successful in the world & hereafter. This gives us the reason to believe that one who keeps his “Nafs” , heart & mind as pious will think & write pious unlike the aforesaid Italian newspaper.

    However, It is no wonder to learn that for the recent era of misguided western media, every bad news is a good news commercially & politically but I also wonder that why do they fail to realize that this projection of falsified allegation makes no harm to Islam or works of Islam but it rather terrorizes & targets their own civil society in a ripple effect . It is also unjust & an unfortunate misguidance to each members of their well informed & educated society. I suggest those, who are ignorant of the fact that Islam is not what they portray through their faux print & electronic media. At the same time, I value the responsibility of the each member of western society that such ignoble attempt is an attempt to rule over their very own minds and thought by naming anything good or bad as Al-Qaeda (If it ever exist).

    I strongly condemn the allegation that has been put on the blog “Ekhlas” & urge the responsibles (whosoever) to write an apology for this irresponsible deed.

    Once again “Ekhlas” is a blog for modesty seekers & I have an advice for the mankind of the world that if you cannot appreciate someone’s modest work then you have no right to accuse him for the deed he has not done.

    I once again appeal to the whole world of mankind that blog-Ekhlas is an excellent platform for every human being to make you aware of the true spirit of Islam in the light of Holy Quran (Final Revelation of Almighty Allah) & its practical implementation through the lifetime of the Last prophet of Allah- Hazrat Muhammad ( Peace be upon him).

    In the End, I would request my dear brother Bilal, who I know personally since his very childhood to keep the good work going & May Allah give you the strength to maintain rather enhance your zeal enthusiasm & motivation to spread the knowledge of Islam to everyone one who seek or to the one’s in dark.


    Sajjad Sher (Sajju)

  12. 12 Pacter

    I wouldn’t be too worried about some two-cent foolish European newspaper making such childish and unprofessional mistakes. If they have an iota of journalistic integrity they would rectify the situation, if not, I wouldn’t spend anytime worrying about it.

  13. 13 Gianluca

    In effetti è vero che le notizie possono essere errate,ma questo avvine sopratutto anche dalla parte opposta. In questo caso apprezzo molto questo sito che non ha niente a che fare con Al Qaida…anzi non approva e condanna tutti gli omicidi perpetuati in nome di una falsa libertà.Speriamo che l’occupazione talebana/pakistana dell’Afghanistan finisca presto per liberare gli Afghani a fare la vita che vogliono.
    Le vere notizie sono che i musulmani pregano 5 volte al giorno e non ucciderebbero mai nessuno essendo così profondamente religiosi e rispettosi della vita altrui.Una cosa vera è che Allah non decide in base alle preghiere dei suoi fedeli…ma decide lui e basta!E’ anche vero che le donne di religione musulmane non sono costrette a portare il velo o ad ubbidire al volere degli uomini…è falso…le donne possono fare quello che vogliono in quanto esseri umani.

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