Increasing Memory, Focus, and Concentration

In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate
Source: at-Talib
Q: what can one do to increase his memory and focus?
A: Here are a couple of brief tips:
1. Guard your gaze and your ears. There can be nothing more distracting than television, a wrong glance, or a tune that won’t go away.2. Recite after every salat the masnun du’as. In addition, recite “Ya Qawiyy” eleven times after every salat, or recite this du’a seven times: “Allahumma Nawwir Qalbi bi ‘ilmika wasta’mil badani bi ta’atika

اللهم نور قلبي بعلمك واستعمل بدني بطاعتك

Recite this same du’a seven times before opening up a book to read or study as well.

Also, you can recite “Sanuqri’uka fala tansa” سنقرأك فلا تنسى three times after every salat.

3. When you sit down to study, minimize any nearby distractions. Also, in order to maximize your usage of time, keep a book unrelated to what you are studying nearby and whenever you tire of studying, distract yourself with a book on another subject to refresh the mind. Sometimes it is good to get up and stretch.

4. Memorizing is easiest when done with someone else. Memorizing alone can be difficult and takes much longer. Having someone quiz you can cut memorization time to at least one third.

– Shaykh Bilal Ali Ansari


Similar questions posed to Mufti Nawaal ur-Rahman (DB) [of Darul Uloom Chicago and ShariahBoard]:

Q: Is there any dua / zikar for good memory & speech?

A: To become a good speaker, a man should acquire a good base of knowledge and information. He should summarize two or three speeches of eminent religious preceptors and scholars and memorize them. He should recite them before others so that he gets over his hesitation and learns to speak with fluency. For developing good memory, after every “namaz”, he should put his hand on his head and read “Ya-Qavi-yu” eleven times.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) Knows Best

Mufti Naval-ur-Rahman Miftahi


Q: My question is what is the most effective dua one can recite generally for exam success/concentration when studying and memory. Also can this be recited in sujood.

A: To increase your memory power, you need to recite “ Ya-Qavi” eleven times after every namaz along with “Durood-e-Shareef” before and after. This is one of the attributes of Allah (SWT) and your memory power will certainly improve. As your memory power increases, Insha-Allah, so also your inclination towards studies will become stronger. If you use your will then your determination and persistence will help you to concentrate your mind on your studies. In fact, whether you are interested in studies or not should not be so important. Your will to work hard by keeping your goals in mind, should be your priority. In addition, recite Surah “Fateha”, 41 times after Fajar ‘namaz’ and pray to Allah (SWT) for achievement of your objectives. Insha-Allah this will be very beneficial to you. (2) While offering “namaz” you should not recite anything during “Sajda”. After completion of the “namaz”, sometimes, you can supplicate, recite, or ask a “dua” by offering “Sajda”. But you should not make this a habit.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) Knows Best

Mufti Naval-ur-Rahman Miftahi

24 Responses to “Increasing Memory, Focus, and Concentration”

  1. 1 ayaz

    what can i do for my concentration since i have not done any task continue this is my habit how i perform well.
    since i have a problem in consistency…….

    • Salam,

      Trust Allah fully. Know that it is satan that tries to deviate the servants of Allah by making them weak and distracting them from their goals. But be sure that he can cause no harm and that faith in the Lord will help you come out of all the problems successfully. Whenever you lack concentration, know that the devil is attacking you. Don’t worry. Immediately read “I seek refuge of Allah from the cursed satan”. Read it several times and read Bismillah. Strive to focus on your studies. Remember that when you are studing then it is a form of superior worship and it makes shaitan in trouble. And so you may experience bitter thoughts. It is shaitan. If you are alert then it will be solved.
      Trust Allah completely.

      May Allah bless you and the whole of humanity. Ameen.

  2. 3 zamarrud shaikh

    assalam sir,
    am an engineering student basically alhumdulilah had good power to hardwork..but now a dayz tend to leave things easily though am better in it but not able to give 100%
    and this i think is due to lack of concentration tend to become lazyy please am distressed by the fact instead of having ability am not able to explore it out..
    jazak allah khair…

  3. 4 Abdul mateen

    Mashallah acche hai
    allah apko jaza e khair ata farmae ameen

  4. 5 Mubina

    Can I recite YA QAWI 11 times after every namaz to increase my concentration?

  5. 6 yasmin

    what does the above dua mean?

  6. 7 mohammed altaf hussain

    asallam waliakum wa rahmatul alihi wa barkatahu jazak allahu kairun please also help me with some food tips for improving memory power and make good plans

  7. 8 asghar


  8. i get help form all above sentences

  9. 10 asma abbassi

    Assalamu alaikom
    please i want a dua to make my work easy without any mistakes
    plz reply me as soon as u can
    fi ameen ALLAH.

  10. 11 asim mujahid

    asalamvalikum i need a dua to concentrate on studies and memorize it well…plz help me….jazzak allah

  11. alhamdulillah thanks

  12. 13 heena fatima

    Allah is always there with us. But sometimes still I felt weak. My studies sometimes suffered but with this dua i will feel more confident

  13. 14 Md Najibullah Sk

    I m preparing IAS exam. But i feel i m forgetting whatever i studied. So, i would like to grasp the most effective dua’s 2 strengthen my memory and secure a sure success.

  14. Jazakallakhayr.!

  15. the arabic writing is to small. no harakat also. but, thanks God I found it.tq

  16. 17 Umar farouk

    Allahu abakr

  17. Jazak allah for the informative article!
    I hope it helps me insha allah I just need all you’re Prayers! :’/

  18. 19 umar farouq

    Assalamu alaikum: pls i need adua for concentration and memorizing within 2minute

  19. 20 umar farouq

    Assalamu alaikum: pls i need dua for studying between a minute

  20. 21 Ali

    Asslam-0-alikum very good dua….jazak Allah

  21. O Allah have mercy on me to be able to leave disobeying you till I amalive. Show mercy on me by not imposing a troublesome and difficulttask on me. Make me do good deeds that please you. Make me learn yourbook by heart, just like you have taught me.Give me the ability torecite it in a manner that pleases you. O Allah (through the quran)enlighten my wisdom, open the doors of understanding and liberate myheart. Loosen my tongue, let my body be active and give me strengthfor it. No one can help me save you. There is no god except you.

  22. 23 Ashif

    maasha allah !

  23. 24 Mehar

    Jazak alla

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