Modern Secular Life – New Hikm[a]rt


New Hikm[a]rt  entitled, Modern Secular Life is inspired by one of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s lectures.

Modern Secular Life


One Response to “Modern Secular Life – New Hikm[a]rt”

  1. Asalaamu alikum wa rahamtullah,

    A though-provoking piece of art- I like the concept.

    I’m new to wordpress and blogging. I was overjoyed to find your blog through the tags page at

    I must say and congratulate you that I’ve not seen a more immaculate blog than yours- masha’allah! I shall certainly visit back.

    Please to vist Don’t be sad- I’m open to suggestions and comments- and please do leave you comments.

    Wa salaamu alikum wa rahmatullah

    Don’t be sad

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