The Six Points of Tabligh: Amended Version Uploaded


In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

Al-Hamdulillah, all Praise is for Allah, who gave us the tawfiq [ability] to complete the amended version of The Six Points of Tabligh. The updated version is now available for downloading on Ekhlas’s Tabligh page.

Visitors may also download the new version here.

Previous posts regarding The Six Points of Tabligh have also been updated, so Insha’llah those links will also provide the document.

I would like to apologize for the long delay, please forgive. If there are any mistakes in the current version, they are mine, please do not hesitate to point them out.


24 Responses to “The Six Points of Tabligh: Amended Version Uploaded”

  1. I have written an Article on Adab E Gasht. Please take some time to read and pass it on. Jaza Kallah

  2. 2 yasin hadji rashid

    please help me to read six point jamaat tabligh, i thing this very important things for me
    if you don’t mind

    thank, very much

    yasin hadji rashid

  3. 5 yaqoob shah

    please send me 6 points and adabe ghasht
    jazaka allah

  4. Someone asked to give the Addabe Gusht.. I would say simply

    Allah ko yaad karteh kartehh phiroh.
    Kissi ka dil mat dukhao,
    Izzat seh or Akhlaaq se pesh Awo.
    Nazr or Dil Allah peh rakho.
    Maang kar jawao
    wapis aa kar taubah Karo. “itna Uncha kaam Allah tum neh mujh jesa naalayik se liya. Mera Nabi Aisa Phirta tha (sallallahu alaihi wasalam) tera fazl hai movla, .Meri galti maaf, mera dil tera, bando ka dil tera APna banalein.

    Aik baat yaad rakhein hum kisi ko musalman bana ne ke liya nahii jaarahai. NAseehat or yad dilani ko denai jarahai. Dawat ka taaluq dil seh hai. dil me Bahot ziyadah respect ho our Jabaan meethi ho. Yeh tab ho sakta jab hamara Dil Durust hai or is mein Iman ki halawat hai.

    May Allah give us sweetness of Iman.

    Aur Allah behtar janta hai

    ma salaam
    Abdul Majid UK

    La elaha illallah.

  5. 7 Muhammad Naeem Akram

    excellent work , I have downloaded six point of tabligh. thnks a lot

  6. 8 muhammad aguz

    thats very good ….i like it..insya Allah 4 month in this year

  7. 9 Mohammad Abid


    please, can someone send me the “adabe ghast”

    inshallah i will be going for 40 days next week, and this is my first time.thats why i need to learn the adabe ghast.

    Jazakallah khair

  8. 10 NAVEED

    JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR, to all my brothers Its great breath that am taking by the wish and will of ALLAH S.W.T in that time were I came to know the purpose of being a muslim from the strong effort of Maulana Mohammad Ilyas R.A.
    Brothers Please be witness for me for the Day of Judgement that I bear witness and Testify There is No Worthy Of Worship Except ALLAH S.W.T and Prophet MOHAMMAD S.A.W is the last messenger of ALLAH S.W.T.

    INSHALLAH 4 Months Every Year 5 Ammal & Whole life Maqsad!!!!!


  9. 11 Neezam


  10. as salaam
    any body want adaab e ghust ,fazial e zikr , 6 nos, targheeb baat in roman engish can email me
    was salaam
    servant of islaam aqeel

    • 13 mohammed umar

      As salaamualaikum… pls….! aap muje hindi zubaan me 6 sifaat ka print out de jiye..

  11. as salaam
    any body want adaab e ghust ,fazial e zikr , 6 nos, targheeb baat in roman engish can email me
    was salaamm
    servant of islaam aqeel

  12. as salaam
    any islamic book or site
    dua kalima salah azkaar in roman english can be had from

  13. 17 mohammed umar

    hindi me chahiye….!


    I want to download it.

  15. need : adab e ghust


  16. 20 aishah birin

    Salam! can you give me a copy of adhab safar

  17. 21 aishah birin

    Pls send me a copy of adhab safar. Jazakallahu khairan. ..

  18. 22 Mustafa

    Thanks in advance
    pls mail me at all the Tabliq jammat rules and regulation points.

  19. 23 RIAZ AMEEN

    Adaab e Ghasht,
    Brothers based on my little knowledge. All prophets has done Gasht.Gasht is like the back bone of Daawat-e-deen. Gasht is done in small jamaats, of atleast 3 people.Have a group dua before starting.
    There should be one Ameer, one mutakallim and one Rahibar.
    Ameer is responsible for the discipline of the group.Mutakallim and only Mutallim swill speak to the brothers met during the Gasht,Rahiber gives guidance.All brotthers should be concentrating and should be in fikr and dhikr,making no hazzles on the road.On the way back say Astagfaar heavily as we are never capable of doing this work correctly.

  20. 24 Syed ather ali

    Assakm, u have done us easy 4r us, jazakAllah n we want ahadis also along withthese plz look in to the matter 4r six points.

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