New Hikm[a]rt: ‘O man! [Ya ayyuhal insan]’


In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

New Hikm[a]rt entitled O man! [Ya ayyuhal insan], has been added to the Hikm[a]rt page.


11 Responses to “New Hikm[a]rt: ‘O man! [Ya ayyuhal insan]’”

  1. Which ayaat is this?

  2. It is Ayah number 6, of Surah Al-Infitar [which is the 82nd Surah of the Qur’an].

  3. 3 Muhammed Ahab Malik

    Dear Bilal,
    It’s your nephew Ahab. I just love the art you made in Hikm[a] Art. Please
    tell me and email me at :
    If you like Alicia Keys Songs i can tell you and address
    were they are.
    I made it my self.

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  4. and also Bilal can you take pics of my laptop and send them to me

  5. 5 Muhammed Ahab Malik

    Bilal i just love [ O man !]

  6. 6 Muhammed Ahab Malik

    I miss you a lot Bilal plese email me please please please please please!

  7. Dearest Ahab:

    Thank you so much for your appreciation of Hikm[a]rt. I don’t listen to music anymore, but I have visited your blog and its design is beautiful. But I strongly suggest that you let Anjum monitor [watch] what you and others post on your blog. Please.

    I will take pictures of your new lappy [laptop] and email them to you, Insha’llah.

    And of course, I miss you too my beloved, and I love you. I will email you shortly, Insha’llah.


    Your Uncle,


  8. DEAREST Bilal:

    I would Like to tell you that i went on and me and Deenu Ummah just loved it i started to cry when i saw the picture in 2006 you were editing I started crying because I miss you so much.

    Go and Live your happy lives.

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  10. 10 Ahab Malik

    Dearest Bilal,

    I would like to ask you do you use Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended or just Adobe Photoshop CS3?

  11. 11 Bilal

    Dear Ahab:

    I am currently using Adobe Photoshop CS. Not CS2, CS3, or CS3 Extended. You have left me way behind in terms of technology, you are way ahead.

    Hope to see you soon Insha Allah!

    With lots of love,

    Your Uncle,


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