Amended Version of ‘The Six Points of Tabligh’


In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate


I would like to inform all of those visitors who had read, downloaded or saved the short treatise entitled The Six Points of Tabligh, that after proof-reading it again, I saw some errors, especially with regards to punctuation marks when quoting the Qur’an. Therefore al-Hamdulillah, an amended version of The Six Points of Tabligh will soon be available at the very same links that it was downloadable previously [i.e. on the Tabligh page here at Ekhlas.]


I would request you all to delete the previous version of the document, as I am extremely afraid of misquoting the Qur’an, even if its in the translation’s punctuation marks. Your support is highly appreciated.


Please accept my apologies.


Bilal Malik


One Response to “Amended Version of ‘The Six Points of Tabligh’”

  1. 1 zainab

    can you please send me the six points of islam

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