Muslim Bloggers Alliance


In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

The first global, comprehensive, and multi-lingual Islamic Community Portal, strives to unify more than 100 million online Muslims around the world. 

About IslamCrunch‘s ‘Muslim Bloggers Alliance’: 

There are a lot of Muslim bloggers in the blogosphere. A lot of quality content is posted but are we reaching the audience we would like? There are more readers than there are bloggers. This blog aims to bring a larger audience to individual blogs.


Why join will bring you editorial content from the greatest scholars in Arabic and English, with more languages coming. will provide a wealth of information about Islam. will feature a forum community for you to make your voice heard. and our partners will bring you the services that every Muslim will need from an on-line portal and more. members will receive a prestigious email address ( has created the first Islamic customized member?s instant messenger to chat online with all your friends, regardless of which IM they may have. will donate a share of its revenues to Islamic charities globally.

MashAllah a brilliant idea from and IslamCrunch.

Click here to join!


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