Discourse 69 [Discourses of Rumi]


Excerpted from Discourses of Rumi or Fihi ma Fihi

Discourse 69:

Between the human being and God are just two
veils—health and wealth—all other veils come
from these. Those who are healthy do not look
for God and do not see Him, but as soon as pain
afflicts them they cry out, “O God! O God!” calling
out and surrendering to God. Therefore,
health is their veil and God is hidden in their pain.

As long as people have wealth, they gratify
their desires, and are preoccupied night and day
with pleasures. The moment poverty appears,
their spirits are weakened and they turn to God.

“Drunkenness and poverty brought You to me,
I am the slave of Your drunkenness and need!”

God granted to Pharaoh four hundred years of
life, kingship and enjoyment. All that was a veil,
which kept him far from the presence of God. He
did not even experience a single day of disagreeableness
and pain, so that he would completely
forget God. God said, “Go on being preoccupied
with your own desire, and do not even think of
me. Good night!”

“King Solomon grew weary of his reign,
But Job was never sated of his pain.”

Reprinted with permission of the copyright holder.


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